Lily Langford

Lily is the Head Chef here at  After culinary school and while attending university she worked as a restaurant manager and private chef.  In addition, she helped run the culinary library on campus.  After graduating with an AAS in Culinary Arts and a BS Food Service Management she pursued a career in the food service industry.

She spent some time running a restaurant on campus at a prestigious university in Cambridge, Massachusetts followed by running a multi-million-dollar catering operation on a large pharmaceutical campus in south eastern Pennsylvania. After getting burned out on the food service industry but wanting to keep her passion for food, she left the industry.  She continued to work on and shape her recipes over the years.  During which, she spent nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry but has since retired to focus on other pursuits, including this website.

Her passion for food and new recipes has never faded.  After gathering and perfecting recipes for years she is now ready to share them with the world.  Please enjoy MommiesNommies and feel free to reach out to say “Hello.”

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