The Big Idea

Mommies Nommies was created to share recipes with all kinds of folks.

It was created without advertisements or paid promotions. It’s for the love of food and sharing a meal.

The website is designed for those who are brand new to cooking or need an extra hand in understanding recipes and food preparation as well as for folks who have a pretty good handle on their skills in the kitchen.

The recipes are divided into two sections: “Need a Hand” and “Confidence.”

The “Need a Hand” recipes are designed for folks who could use a bit more instruction and extra step by step guidance.

The “Confidence” recipes are for folks who know their way around a kitchen and cutting board and are ready for the recipe without too much instruction.

The only difference between the recipes is how to get from the pile of ingredients to the finished product.  The list of ingredients is the same and the outcome is the same.

I look forward to your feedback and thoughts on this concept and the recipes.  Enjoy!