Dessertception – Confidence

“Confidence” recipes are a series of recipes for folks who have a pretty good handle on their skills in the kitchen.

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Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time1 hr
Servings: 24


  • ¾ Cup light brown sugar
  • ¾ Cup white sugar
  • ½ stick or ½ Cup butter flavored Crisco (additional for greasing pan)
  • 1 stick butter
  • 2 eggs*
  • 2 ¼ Cup flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • ½ bag 10.1 ounce of M&M Minis
  • 1 box fudge brownie mix
  • ½ Cup vegetable oil (or as per brownie mix package directions)
  • 3 TBSP cold water (or as per brownie mix package directions)
  • 2 eggs *(4 total)
  • 8 ounce bag mini Oreos OR ½ 17 ounce bag Oreos
  • 11 ounce bag white baking chips
  • 3 TBSP milk


To start:

  • Preheat oven to 325° F.
  • Thoroughly grease a 13”x9” pan.
  • For the base: Mini M&M Cookie Dough
  • Make cookie dough using the Mini M&Ms and first 9 ingredients.
  • Place the dough into the 13×9 pan and smush down, as for a crust.
  • Don’t smush too hard, or you’ll break all of the M&Ms.

Oreo Layer

  • Now layer the Mini Oreos over top the cookie dough.

Make the brownie batter:

  • In a separate bowl mix the 2 eggs, oil and water, as the brownie package directions indicate.
  • Pour this mixture over the Oreos in the cookie dough pan.


  • Bake for 60 minutes at 325° F.
  • After 60 minutes check for doneness in the middle of the pan using a toothpick.

While the Dessertception bakes, prepare topping:

  • The white chocolate ganache (guh-NAH-shh) is the last layer.
  • In a heatproof bowl (or pyrex measuring cup, my preference), mix the white chocolate chips with the milk.
  • Place in the microwave for 1.5 minutes at 30% power, stirring thoroughly every 20 seconds.
  • If the white chocolate/milk mixture is a little too thick warm it up a little in 10 second increments at 30% power using above notes.
  • If white chocolate/milk mixture breaks or becomes separated looking, mix in a little more milk and heat a little longer. This should resolve it.
  • When the dessertception comes out of the oven, and while it’s still hot, pour the white chocolate/milk mixture over the top, carefully distributing the ganache over the whole thing.
  • Cool completely on the counter on the wire cooling rack.


Serving suggestions:
Store leftovers in an airtight container and use within 3 days.

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