Cosmos – Need A Hand

“Need A Hand” recipes are for folks who need a bit of help in the kitchen.

Cosmo Cosmopolitan Cocktail
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Cosmopolitan (Cosmo)

Need A Hand
Prep Time7 mins
Servings: 1 drink


  • Cup cranberry juice
  • Cup vodka
  • ¼ Cup triple sec
  • Cup rose’s lime juice
  • ¼ lime cut into two wedges
  • 2 TBSP Tang powdered drink mix, optional


Start by:

  • Preparing the glass by first rubbing one wedge of the lime around the *outside* rim of the serving glass, about ⅛ of an inch down from the lip.
  • If using Tang, place Tang on a plate, in a small pile.
  • While the serving glass is still freshly rubbed with lime, dip the rim of the serving glass into the tang, covering the lime’d area.
  • Squeeze the above used lime into the glass.
  • Slice the remaining lime wedge halfway through the narrow part to create a garnish.
  • Place unused lime wedge on glass as garnish.

Prepare the Cosmo:

  • Combine cranberry juice, vodka, triple sec, and rose’s lime juice in a large martini shaker full of ice.
  • Shake vigorously.
  • Carefully pour the Cosmo into the prepared glass.
  • Enjoy.


Serving Suggestion:
Use Orange Vodka and quadruple the recipe for a pitcher of easy Thanksgiving Punch.

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