Vegetarian Meatloaf

Vegetarian Meatloaf?  Really?  Ok, so this version isn’t vegan, since I use eggs.  But it’s vegetarian and it’s a nice substitute when you’re craving that home cooked feel and comfort food, but not feeling beef, or are not a beef eater.

Whatever you do, don’t call it faux-meatloaf, or featloaf; Folks hate the sound of it. 🙂

I created this one when I was having weekly dinners with my dear friend Pip and her lovely daughter.  This was back in the days when Pip was wrapping up her masters degree and her daughter was quite little.

Pip is a vegetarian except eggs and some cheese, so I wanted to be able to make fun recipes for her, ones that I wouldn’t dislike eating either. 

Plus feeding a toddler/small child, I had a few challenges, and this was one I overcame.

I find it tasty and easy enough to keep in the regular rotation of dinners.