Chicken Corn Chowder

Now speaking as someone who loves chowder, but not with fish or seafood, this is a great alternative.

This chicken corn chowder can be modified to be less chowder-y and more of a soup, if you leave out the roux (flour and additional butter), and heavy cream.  It’s quite good that way too and makes for a more summer-y dish.

The red peppers add not only a bit of color but a nice layer of flavor that really brings out the corn.

Most recently I made this recipe in the harsh winter months using frozen corn on the cob that had been squirrelled away from summer.  Simply thaw out the cob, either in the chicken stock that you’ll be using or in the fridge but allow it to thaw so that you can more easily get the kernels off.  If you’re thawing in the chicken stock, don’t let it get so hot you can’t touch it to handle it to remove the kernels.

Unless that is that you saved the kernels from the cobs over the summer and are doing the same with the frozen red peppers from the summer’s bounty.

Any which way you get to the final product, it’s quite nice, winter, spring, summer or fall.