Salsa - Pico De Gallo

Salsa* (Pico de Gallo)

This salsa recipe comes together with such simple, fresh ingredients and is so darn delicious I love making it as often as I can.  Especially during the summer months when tomatoes are in season.

Though technically it’s Pico de Gallo, most consider this “fresh salsa” (“Salsa Fresco”) but it is more in line with “Pico de Gallo” (Pee koh dah guy oh).

Now, if you’re a fan of this blog, you know I love my chop wizard, so I do use that for this recipe.  It makes quick work of the onion and jalapeño and if you like the tomatoes on the chonky side, go ahead and use the ½” size blade.

This refreshing dish pairs great with my guacamole recipe for a summer fiesta snack attack.  Throw some tortilla chips with it and you’re set!

Zucchini Bread

So, anyone who’s browsed my blog knows that my beloved grandma took a few shortcuts in the kitchen.  Let me tell you something, here, in this recipe, she did not.  I did.  It’s the dead of winter in February 2021 and not only is fresh zucchini hard to come by, it’s impossible to find.  Between the winter months and the pandemic, it’s just another food that’s fallen into the food shortage.  

But heck if I had a craving for this memory inducing treat.  I strongly considered the yellow summer squash that has the same distinct feel of zucchini but not that great green and unique flavor.  Now, if you’re in the mood for the fresh stuff, and can only find the yellow squash, go for it.  It has the same texture and nutritive values, just don’t include the seeds. 

Gosh, what’s a person to do when they really want that zucchini flavor?  Head to the freezer section at the local grocery store where the new fad of spiralizing all the veggies comes in handy.  I picked up some spiralized zucchini in a 12 ounce bag, not store brand, since I tried that too and it was a brick of water and yuck. 

So head on over to my recipe to check out the delicious, simple and now, year round indulgence. 

Mashed Potatoes in the Instant Pot (No Drain)

I don’t know about you but when I want mashed potatoes from scratch… but want them without the fuss and muss… I usually get discouraged from making them or even including them in my meal planning.

Well… say “how do you do” to no-drain mashed potatoes in your instant pot!

This recipe works best in a 3 quart version but can be doubled for larger sized pots.

Personally, a little garlic makes them even more desirable but again, time crunch plus efficiency, equals skipping this part.

May I introduce Better Than Bouillon Garlic base!  Reminder, I get no kickbacks from any sponsors, so this is just my personal preference.  This stuff is terrific in vegetarian recipes as well as these mashed potatoes.

A little of this plus some water, throw in the potatoes chopped up and boy, you’re on your way to some great mash!

Jasmine Rice in the Instant Pot

This Jasmine rice recipe is a textbook Instant Pot Jasmine Rice recipe. 

So why include it here? 

The main reason is that not everyone fully gets the Instant Pot and not everyone fully gets how to cook Jasmine Rice in the Instant Pot. 

So, I’m breaking it down, one step at a time, to help those folks out.

For those that need the high level view?

“In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions*”: you rinse it, you set it to cook, you eat it.

*The Breakfast Club – 1985