Chai Latte

This Chai Latte recipe was a labor of love.  I adore a good cup of chai, but heavy on the milk (latte).  I drink it iced, hot, room temperature, you name it, I love it.

I originally set out to make Chai concentrate, in the Instant Pot, which failed miserably, but I had fun drinking my failures (generally).

It started when we picked up some buckwheat honey, which had the consistency and color of molasses and we used that in the chai.  Well, we couldn’t get more of the buckwheat honey, it was a special deal at the local farm, so we went with mixing honey with molasses in the chai, and what a treat!

Additionally, I learned that the instant pot is NOT the way to go, especially since I’m still, months later, scrubbing my Instant Pot liner with Bartender’s Friend cleanser.

I make it on the stove top and it takes about as long as it took in the Instant Pot, so I’m pretty satisfied in that regard.  I’m even MORE satisfied with the outcome of the flavor.

There are two no longer secret ingredients in this recipe.  White peppercorns, which can be harder to find than black peppercorns.  But the flavor they bring is SO worth it.  I recommend an order from the big smile folks that you can split up with your friends.  Or hoard for yourself, I’m not judging!

The other special flavor is molasses.  Yup, just a little with the honey after the chai has been strained and it’s amazing.  My roommate likes it with honey and molasses and I like a little vanilla sugar and a little honey, but definitely include some molasses. 


I developed this recipe years ago, like over 15 years ago now.  Some days there’s more vodka, some days there’s more lime.  Generally, it’s the same.

But yes, it’s a BIG Cosmo.

However, “What’s with the Tang?”, you ask?

In the early 2000’s I had splurged and was spending the night at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, near where I was living. 

At the bar I ordered a fancy orange creamsicle martini and eagerly watched the bartender as he made my drink.  I sat in abject horror and fascination as he got out a jar of Tang and created a rim on my martini glass.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  Tang?!?!?  I blurted out, “Excuse me, is that TANG?”.  He confirmed it was, indeed. 

At my first sip I knew I had doubted him for nothing.  This drink was amazing but the rimmer of Tang was sheer brilliance.

On my next grocery trip I endeavored to find Tang in order to add it to my Cosmo recipe.

It’s been there ever since.