This recipe was inspired by the recipe that was going around the internet called “sl#tty brownies”.  I didn’t like that term very much, so a friend coined the term “dessertception.”

This came up since I upped the ante a bit and added mini-M&Ms and a white chocolate ganache. 

He pointed out that it, like the movie Inception’s concept of a dream within a dream within a dream, this is a dessert within a dessert within a dessert.

Cookie dough (dessert #1) with mini-M&Ms, (dessert #2), with a layer of Oreos (dessert #3), with a layer of brownie mix (dessert #4) then topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache (dessert #5).

You’re probably thinking, WOAH! That’s a LOT of yummy. 

I’m here to tell you it’s even yummier than you think it’s going to be!

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Searching for that next great Sunday morning treat or food item to bring to your coffee klatch?

Well look no further.  This cinnamon-y treat will wow your guests and impress you with how simple it is.

For those unfamiliar with coffee cake, there is no coffee in this cake, it is a type of cake that is traditionally served with coffee.

Another delicious recipe from Grandma Dottie’s kitchen is the classic.  It’s quick, easy, and brings back fond memories every time I make it.  As kid I loved the layered cinnamon-nut mixture and always wished there were more.  So, in this recipe I’ve suggested doubling that portion to fulfill my childhood dreams.  The accompanying photos include the doubled portion.

Easter Basket Teaser – Recipes To Come!

Sweet and quick breads are the order of the day for Easter Sunday.  These can be made in advance as far back as Good Friday or as late as Easter morning.  If prepping them early, remember to store them in an airtight container, or wrap well in plastic wrap.

The Banana Bread, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, and Zucchini Bread are all easy to throw together and impressively tasty for those Easter guests.  Whether it’s just the regular household, or extended family, these are sure to please.

Not everyone thinks of quick breads as appetizers, or thinks of appetizers on Easter morning at all, but these are perfect for that time between searching for eggs and that big meal.

Check back tomorrow for the first round of bread recipes!

Zucchini Bread

So, anyone who’s browsed my blog knows that my beloved grandma took a few shortcuts in the kitchen.  Let me tell you something, here, in this recipe, she did not.  I did.  It’s the dead of winter in February 2021 and not only is fresh zucchini hard to come by, it’s impossible to find.  Between the winter months and the pandemic, it’s just another food that’s fallen into the food shortage.  

But heck if I had a craving for this memory inducing treat.  I strongly considered the yellow summer squash that has the same distinct feel of zucchini but not that great green and unique flavor.  Now, if you’re in the mood for the fresh stuff, and can only find the yellow squash, go for it.  It has the same texture and nutritive values, just don’t include the seeds. 

Gosh, what’s a person to do when they really want that zucchini flavor?  Head to the freezer section at the local grocery store where the new fad of spiralizing all the veggies comes in handy.  I picked up some spiralized zucchini in a 12 ounce bag, not store brand, since I tried that too and it was a brick of water and yuck. 

So head on over to my recipe to check out the delicious, simple and now, year round indulgence. 

Black and White Brownies

You’ll note that I don’t use a from scratch brownie recipe.  I actually really love the brownies that come from a box and find that they don’t need much improving other than some good toppings, such as the white chocolate ganache you’ll find in this recipe.

The fudge brownie box mix is my go-to for this recipe, it tends to make peoples’ eyes roll back in their heads a bit more than the more cakelike versions.

Now I love pecans and many other nuts, but especially mixed with chocolate.  That’s why you’ll find the pecans in this recipe, but you can easily substitute out walnuts. 

My first memory of this recipe was making it for a winter holidays potluck.  Everyone thought the ganache was frosting of some sort, I was like “nope, it’s just chocolate!”.  They were dumbfounded.

Although I call them black and white brownies, my friends have nicknamed them all sorts of things, most of which I can’t or won’t share here (haha), but to be sure, with or without pecans, this recipe is a favorite among my friends. 

Buege Cake

Pronounced Bew-Ghee (bew rhymes with pew).

This recipe came to me during quarantine in early March 2020, when my Pandemic Pal, Dani, came to stay with me.  She is not one to choose desserts (the horror) when given the opportunity, or really, she’s not one to eat a lot of dessert, she just likes very small portions of not overly sweet treats.

When discussing meal plans for the long coming weeks, what might unpredictably turn to months, I asked her about dessert.  She mentioned Buege cake.  Of course my interest was piqued.  She asked her mom, a fellow chef, for the recipe.  I tried the recipe almost immediately and it was proclaimed to be just like Dani’s childhood treat, if not better.  WOW, what a compliment!

I love that the recipe is essentially a less sweet oatmeal brownie made topped with really good chocolate chips.  That part makes the recipe extra amazing.  When it comes out of the oven and is still warm, those chips are phenomenal.

Many thanks to Dani for bringing this recipe to my life and now to yours.

Blueberry Pie

Years ago, during a Thanksgiving weekend at my parent’s house, I worked out this recipe from a few cookbooks and a few online recipes. 

It’s not incredibly sweet and I like it because you pop all of the filing ingredients into a pan and cook them.  Not too complicated.

For me, the perpetual hard part is remembering to put the pie crust shield onto the edge of the pie.  Pretty much, if you remember to put it on at all, it’s a win!