Chicken Corn Chowder

Now speaking as someone who loves chowder, but not with fish or seafood, this is a great alternative.

This chicken corn chowder can be modified to be less chowder-y and more of a soup, if you leave out the roux (flour and additional butter), and heavy cream.  It’s quite good that way too and makes for a more summer-y dish.

The red peppers add not only a bit of color but a nice layer of flavor that really brings out the corn.

Most recently I made this recipe in the harsh winter months using frozen corn on the cob that had been squirrelled away from summer.  Simply thaw out the cob, either in the chicken stock that you’ll be using or in the fridge but allow it to thaw so that you can more easily get the kernels off.  If you’re thawing in the chicken stock, don’t let it get so hot you can’t touch it to handle it to remove the kernels.

Unless that is that you saved the kernels from the cobs over the summer and are doing the same with the frozen red peppers from the summer’s bounty.

Any which way you get to the final product, it’s quite nice, winter, spring, summer or fall.

Granola with raspberries


This recipe is one I brag about to just about anyone who will listen.

I usually make this recipe in triplicate because I go through it so quickly, or so it seems.  A scoop of yogurt and a handful of granola is the perfect breakfast for me.

The coconut and toasted almonds mixed with the honey and brown sugar create a crispy crunchy flavor that is complimented by the salt and vanilla so perfectly I can’t begin to be quiet about it.

The hardest part is making sure it doesn’t stick to the pan, so I use my absolute favorite product, Reynolds Release Non-Stick Foil (again, no kickbacks here, just my personal preferences).  The granola slides right off this stuff.

I hope this recipe makes it into your regular rotation as it has into mine.

Chai Latte

This Chai Latte recipe was a labor of love.  I adore a good cup of chai, but heavy on the milk (latte).  I drink it iced, hot, room temperature, you name it, I love it.

I originally set out to make Chai concentrate, in the Instant Pot, which failed miserably, but I had fun drinking my failures (generally).

It started when we picked up some buckwheat honey, which had the consistency and color of molasses and we used that in the chai.  Well, we couldn’t get more of the buckwheat honey, it was a special deal at the local farm, so we went with mixing honey with molasses in the chai, and what a treat!

Additionally, I learned that the instant pot is NOT the way to go, especially since I’m still, months later, scrubbing my Instant Pot liner with Bartender’s Friend cleanser.

I make it on the stove top and it takes about as long as it took in the Instant Pot, so I’m pretty satisfied in that regard.  I’m even MORE satisfied with the outcome of the flavor.

There are two no longer secret ingredients in this recipe.  White peppercorns, which can be harder to find than black peppercorns.  But the flavor they bring is SO worth it.  I recommend an order from the big smile folks that you can split up with your friends.  Or hoard for yourself, I’m not judging!

The other special flavor is molasses.  Yup, just a little with the honey after the chai has been strained and it’s amazing.  My roommate likes it with honey and molasses and I like a little vanilla sugar and a little honey, but definitely include some molasses. 

Peanut Coconut Curry Chicken

In the mood for something flavorful and a bit different for dinner tonight?  Curry and peanut and coconut all in one?  You’ve come to the right place!

This recipe comes to us by way of a recipe from my favorite magazine, just with some different steps and ingredients.

A 30 minutes or less type dinner is what you’re probably going for mid-week and this is not only quick enough to get the job done, it’s easy enough too.

The flavor combination here is one that is rivaled only by the Chicken Gorgonzola Pasta recipe on my blog.

For tonight’s recipe though, check out the Jasmine Rice as a perfect side dish.


This recipe was inspired by the recipe that was going around the internet called “sl#tty brownies”.  I didn’t like that term very much, so a friend coined the term “dessertception.”

This came up since I upped the ante a bit and added mini-M&Ms and a white chocolate ganache. 

He pointed out that it, like the movie Inception’s concept of a dream within a dream within a dream, this is a dessert within a dessert within a dessert.

Cookie dough (dessert #1) with mini-M&Ms, (dessert #2), with a layer of Oreos (dessert #3), with a layer of brownie mix (dessert #4) then topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache (dessert #5).

You’re probably thinking, WOAH! That’s a LOT of yummy. 

I’m here to tell you it’s even yummier than you think it’s going to be!

Gorgonzola Asparagus Chicken Pasta

Gorgonzola Asparagus Chicken Pasta

Some of the greatest compliments I get are from dinner guests for this recipe.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, what, with the gorgonzola (a type of blue cheese) and the asparagus. 

But the way the nutmeg and the tarragon play off each other and the way the flavors all come together is simply amazing.

The original recipe comes from a most unusual cookbook, but I purchased it because I wanted unusual flavor combinations.  This is a tried-and-true recipe that I make frequently and love dearly. 

I make it especially for date nights or when I want to impress someone.

It’s a one dish meal and a great accompaniment are the Black and White Brownies which you can find on my page.

Salsa - Pico De Gallo

Salsa* (Pico de Gallo)

This salsa recipe comes together with such simple, fresh ingredients and is so darn delicious I love making it as often as I can.  Especially during the summer months when tomatoes are in season.

Though technically it’s Pico de Gallo, most consider this “fresh salsa” (“Salsa Fresco”) but it is more in line with “Pico de Gallo” (Pee koh dah guy oh).

Now, if you’re a fan of this blog, you know I love my chop wizard, so I do use that for this recipe.  It makes quick work of the onion and jalapeño and if you like the tomatoes on the chonky side, go ahead and use the ½” size blade.

This refreshing dish pairs great with my guacamole recipe for a summer fiesta snack attack.  Throw some tortilla chips with it and you’re set!

Banana Bread

This banana bread recipe has been in my rotation for decades.  It’s origins stem from my first cookbook.  The Joy of Cooking.  A true classic.  When I was a little kid I’d sit and dream of all the recipes I’d create and parties I’d host.  From the gelatin molds (it was an old cookbook) to the champagne glass tower which would get filled from a single bottle of champagne.  Oh, the glamour! 

The original banana bread recipe offers alternatives for the oil product.  Butter, shortening, etc. and I find I love the recipe best with vegetable oil.  Plus, it is much easier and quick to mix.

Banana bread is generally delightful, but this chewy and tender offering is quite memorable, and not just a great way to use up the overripe bananas on your counter or in your freezer.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Searching for that next great Sunday morning treat or food item to bring to your coffee klatch?

Well look no further.  This cinnamon-y treat will wow your guests and impress you with how simple it is.

For those unfamiliar with coffee cake, there is no coffee in this cake, it is a type of cake that is traditionally served with coffee.

Another delicious recipe from Grandma Dottie’s kitchen is the classic.  It’s quick, easy, and brings back fond memories every time I make it.  As kid I loved the layered cinnamon-nut mixture and always wished there were more.  So, in this recipe I’ve suggested doubling that portion to fulfill my childhood dreams.  The accompanying photos include the doubled portion.

Easter Basket Teaser – Recipes To Come!

Sweet and quick breads are the order of the day for Easter Sunday.  These can be made in advance as far back as Good Friday or as late as Easter morning.  If prepping them early, remember to store them in an airtight container, or wrap well in plastic wrap.

The Banana Bread, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, and Zucchini Bread are all easy to throw together and impressively tasty for those Easter guests.  Whether it’s just the regular household, or extended family, these are sure to please.

Not everyone thinks of quick breads as appetizers, or thinks of appetizers on Easter morning at all, but these are perfect for that time between searching for eggs and that big meal.

Check back tomorrow for the first round of bread recipes!