Lily’s Favorite Italian Soup

Picture it: January 2021 and I’m getting tired of my soup recipes being the same every week for lunches for my Pandemic Pal (roommate during the pandemic).

I start thinking what makes a really good, hearty and delicious bowl of soup?  Kind of like Italian Wedding Soup, Minestrone, Pasta Fagioli you get the idea. 

So, I took all my favorite parts of all the best Italian soups and merged them together into one really quite great recipe.

We’ve got great northern beans, ditalini pasta, veggies, tomatoes, and you can’t forget the little chicken meatballs all in a savory broth with homemade chicken stock.  YUM.

Now, if I’ve gone and created a recipe for which there is already a name, PLEASE let me know!  Write me a note in the comments, send me a note at, or whatever, but let me know!

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