Black and White Brownies

You’ll note that I don’t use a from scratch brownie recipe.  I actually really love the brownies that come from a box and find that they don’t need much improving other than some good toppings, such as the white chocolate ganache you’ll find in this recipe.

The fudge brownie box mix is my go-to for this recipe, it tends to make peoples’ eyes roll back in their heads a bit more than the more cakelike versions.

Now I love pecans and many other nuts, but especially mixed with chocolate.  That’s why you’ll find the pecans in this recipe, but you can easily substitute out walnuts. 

My first memory of this recipe was making it for a winter holidays potluck.  Everyone thought the ganache was frosting of some sort, I was like “nope, it’s just chocolate!”.  They were dumbfounded.

Although I call them black and white brownies, my friends have nicknamed them all sorts of things, most of which I can’t or won’t share here (haha), but to be sure, with or without pecans, this recipe is a favorite among my friends. 

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