Trifecta Chicken

This recipe was created and perfected during the spring of 2020 when Dani, my Pandemic Pal (roommate during the pandemic), requested chicken and rice soup for lunch, more than 6 weeks in a row.  Seriously.  What can I say, she liked grandma’s recipe for chicken and rice soup! 

We take one chicken and make roasted chicken (I imagine for dinner on Sunday night), chicken stock for (use during the week and in the soup), and the leftover stock and chicken for chicken and rice soup. 

It’s a great way to get the most out of a purchase.  During the pandemic, we were only allowed to purchase two packages of chicken per grocery delivery, which was every two weeks, so we had to make it stretch.  Oh no!  This is beginning to sound like a story my great-grandmother might have told me about the Great Depression.  Anyway…

Ok, but why “Trifecta Chicken”?  It’s me being silly.  We get three recipes from one chicken. 


Winner winner winner chicken dinner, it’s like we hit the trifecta! 

This term was popularized in the 1970’s (according to Merriam-Webster) and is described as a bet placed on three horses, where the person making the bet indicates which horses will come in first, second and third, in order.  Here, we make three recipes, in order with one bet or chicken!

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