This recipe comes to us by way of MyHeather.  My best friend since high school.  My dearest friend who tells me like it is.  Including how to make some damn good, yet wildly unconventional guacamole.

Wait, her name is “MyHeather”?  Yes, and it’s pronounced “YourHeather.”  Only I get to call her “MyHeather.”  🙂  There was a time in my life when there were FIVE Heathers running around, and I needed to distinguish between them all, and since it made the most sense, she became “MyHeather.”

She lives a good 2,700 miles away from me and during one of our annual visits, I was at her house and we decided to make guacamole… her way.

I was unsure of this unique recipe, especially since she doesn’t like sour cream, so the recipe calls for… mayonnaise.  Yup, I said it.  Mayo.  Not jalapeños either.  Pepperoncinis.  Another unique aspect.

Turns out I LOVE this recipe.  Like a little too much.  It’s SO good, and I’m not just saying that. 

Give it a shot.

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