Buege Cake

Pronounced Bew-Ghee (bew rhymes with pew).

This recipe came to me during quarantine in early March 2020, when my Pandemic Pal, Dani, came to stay with me.  She is not one to choose desserts (the horror) when given the opportunity, or really, she’s not one to eat a lot of dessert, she just likes very small portions of not overly sweet treats.

When discussing meal plans for the long coming weeks, what might unpredictably turn to months, I asked her about dessert.  She mentioned Buege cake.  Of course my interest was piqued.  She asked her mom, a fellow chef, for the recipe.  I tried the recipe almost immediately and it was proclaimed to be just like Dani’s childhood treat, if not better.  WOW, what a compliment!

I love that the recipe is essentially a less sweet oatmeal brownie made topped with really good chocolate chips.  That part makes the recipe extra amazing.  When it comes out of the oven and is still warm, those chips are phenomenal.

Many thanks to Dani for bringing this recipe to my life and now to yours.

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